This is the Internet home for Jessica Burkhart--author of the best selling Canterwood Crest SERIES as well as unicorn magic and wild hearts

Hi, and thank you for visiting my little home on the Internet!

Here's a tiny bit about me in annoying third person. ;)

Jessica Burkhart is a native of Nashville, Tennessee who has lived in Brooklyn, New York, Florida, Kentucky and a few other places. She's now living in Tennessee with her two adopted kitties--Bliss and Bella. 

Jess's first series, CANTERWOOD CREST, has 20 books and over 1 million copies in print. It has been translated into several languages including French, Polish, and Portuguese. This is all thanks to Jess's awesome readers or her "Harts." 

Jess is passionate about horses, animal rescue, scoliosis treatment, and all things pink and glittery! :) Writing horse fiction and, especially tween books, is her first love for sure! But Jess was excited to branch out into the world of YA contemporary romance (with a horsey twist!) with Wild Hearts. 

Check out the rest of Jess's site and find trailers for her books, details about published books, contact info and more! Jess blogs frequently and the easiest place to keep up with her is definitely her blog!