For business ONLY:

My agent is Josh Getzler 

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Jessica Burkhart Blog


hartsforjess AT gmail DOT com 

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Snail mail:

Please include a SASE (Self Address Stamped Envelope) if you'd like a reply. :)

Jessica Burkhart
P.O. Box 446
Milan, TN 38358

I read EACH and EVERY letter and do my best to reply! I love all of your letters! 

Want me to sign your book?

Carefully follow these instructions:

* Put the book and an envelope (unsealed! And do make sure this envelope is big enough to hold the book) with six stamps on it into another envelope with seven stamps on it. 

* Address the envelope with seven stamps to me at the snail mail address above.

* Make sure you write your return address at the top of this envelope (the one with seven stamps), otherwise I won't know where to mail back your book. 

* Write "media mail" on the envelope w/seven stamps, just to make sure it gets to me.

* If you like, include a note about who you'd like the book signed for.

That's it! :)